Festival Artists

  • Meet the Festival Stoke Artists

    During July 2017 our Festival artists will be installing some amazing artworks, and performing, right in the centre of the town of Stoke. You can find out more about the artists and the works they will be creating below. Before July the artists will be hosting workshops and events for you to join in the fun of making and creating with them. Check out the Art Stop page for more information.
  • Adam Pryce and Nicola Winstanley - ‘Proud of Stoke Mural’

    Adam and Nic will create a stylish ceramic tile mural that celebrates the places, history and people of Stoke. Picking up on the traditional colours of former Stoke-based pottery Spode, but adding a completely up-to-date twist interweaving responses from local people to the question ‘What makes you proud?’ It will be a beautiful, quality and classy tribute to Stoke.
  • Scratch and Sniff Theatre - ‘The Great Arty Party Throwdown Art-off Show with Toni and Tony and their Trusty Trike’

    There’s going to be some colourful and crazy fun around the town when Toni and Tony get out and about on their tricycle. Watch out for them popping up in unexpected and ordinary places to make you chuckle with their antics. Any resemblance to recent TV competitions will be completely accidental of course!
  • Oliver Sherlock and Samuel Freeman - ‘Flow’ interactive Light Sculpture

    Oliver and Samuel are bringing their interactive light sculpture to the centre of the Stoke along Church Street. A beautiful and amazing light awning which contains hundreds of overhead LED lights will flow above your heads, like birds interacting with one-another and with passers-by along the street. You can wander and wonder with the flight and flow.
  • Alice Cunningham - ‘Let By’

    Bristol-based artist will use traditional ‘To Let’ signs to challenge the dominance of property markets on the look and feel of a town centre. Instead Alice will be engaging with real people from our community to present a different view of who shapes our streets. What will people want on their ‘Let By’ sign? Something which represents humanity, community, cherished possessions, things we value…
  • Laurel Gallagher - ‘Follow the Birds’

    Laurel promises to bring her “sense of wild fun” into the centre of Stoke turning the urban environment of the town into a 3D interactive painting. The location of the birds will ensure that you can catch a glimpse of them whether you are walking, cycling, traveling by bus or car through the streets. Where will you spot them? Where will you wander? Where will they fly away to?
  • The Cultural Sisters - 'Inside Outside'

    For their Festival Stoke commission titled Inside Outside artists Deb Rogers and Fiona Waddle will create a colourful craft-bomb installation of up-cycled domesticity around Stoke town. Look out and look up for the curious, up-cycled artworks in different locations and listen out for the voices of local people.
  • Artworks will be on display in Stoke from 1 July - 31 July 2017