Art Street

Art Street

During July, the centre of Stoke will have six wonderful artworks out on the street to surprise and delight you!  Created by our festival artists, as original artworks especially for Stoke, using different styles and materials, we hope you will enjoy discovering the artworks- up a wall, along a street, under your feet, or even behind you!  

Watch out for Tony and Toni who will be out on their Trusty Trike - see if you can spot Laurel's amazingly colourful and slightly weird birds.  

Oh, and what are those lampshades doing up there?... and, have you seen that amazing light balcony which changes as you walk under it?  

And those lovely tile murals - so funky!  

Hey!... and why are all those houses to let?... or are they????

It's going to be fun - so get along to Stoke in July and see Art Street!

Download a copy of the ART TRAIL Leaflet here